Saturday, 27 July 2013

jQuery AJAX Chat Script

Do you need a jQuery chat on your website like you see on Facebook and Gmail? You're in the right place!
This powerful, ready-to-use AJAX chat is easy to insert and adjust ! Try it now ! Demo is very simple, some features is not inlcuded ! If you want the full version then purchase now !
  • - Based on AJAX, PHP and MySQL
  • - Detailed documentation, MySQL sample database and demo is included with full source
  • - Cross browser supported: IE 8+, Chrome 16+, FireFox 8+, Safari 5+, Opera 11+
  • - Commented, clean code, easy to integrate and adjust
  • - It works like in Gmail or Facebook:
    • - Chat with multiple user
    • - Displays if user is typing
    • - Header of chatbox flashing if new message arrived
    • - You hear a sound if new message arrived
    • - Converts string to link if starts with http://
    • - Easy to add smileys (80 emoticons inluded)
    • - If chat window is minimized, it displays if new message arrived
    • - Displays last message's sent time after 2 minutes
    • - Store the place of the chatboxes and his state (opened,minimized, maximized)
    • - Scrolls to bottom on new message
    • - If user close window or navigates away, then user goes offline automatically
    • - Chat partner instantly receives notification if other part goes offline