Wednesday, 24 April 2013

aciTree is a customizable cross-browser treeview control with jQuery

aciTree is a customizable cross-browser treeview control written as a jQuery plugin (requires at least v1.7.1). It offers a API for controlling things down to the element level and it has built-in functionality to load the entire tree with AJAX.


  • supports an unlimited number of 'file' items (items that have no childrens) and 'folder' items (items that can have one or more childrens);
  • unlimited number of levels, those can be easily loaded with AJAX (the archive contains a small PHP implementation as an example);
  • supports selecting an item, checkbox and radio-button elements, keyboard navigation (the arrow keys, pageup/pagedown, home/end, enter, escape and space can be used), in-place item editing (using f2 key or the mouse and enter/escape keys to save/cancel editing);
  • is possible to change the form in which the tree is displayed with CSS, the items allows HTML formatting, the odd/even rows can be styled differently;
  • supports displaying multiple columns without using tables, with RTL support;
  • you can specify an ICON image for each item (background-position-x and background-position-y can be included so that you can use a single image containing all the icons);
  • aciTree provides an easy to use API for handling the tree structure: initialization data read with AJAX or init from a JavaScript variable, adding, removing items, changing ICON images etc;
  • by the use of a callback function you can customize the content of each item before it's even inserted in the DOM.
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